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Since 2009 we've provided professional mobile bumper painting, car touch up, scratch repair & rim scrape repair in North San Diego County

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Specializing In Expert Cosmetic Paint Repair

Moore Colors uses the latest technology to match the factory paint of your vehicle's make & model.

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Say Goodbye to Overpriced Bodyshops

For fast, reliable mobile auto paint repair in North San Diego County, Moore Colors are the experts to call.  Our skilled technicians will come to you and perform the repairs in hours.  Saving you hundreds of dollars compared to expensive auto body shops.  

Our Services

Bumper Paint Repair

Our plastic bumper repair service will remove scuffs, and scratches the same day. We will match the factory paint color so you will never know the damage was there.

Rock Chips

Rock chips happen. There's no way around it. Luckily we can repair almost any chips on the front of your vehicle caused by rocks or debris. We will add color to the chip which camouflage the area and make it considerably less noticeable.

Scratch Repair

The expert technicians at Moore Colors will flawlessly remove those unsightly scratches from your vehicle. Most scratches can be removed using professional buffing techniques, however we can also handle scratch painting when needed.

Lease Return Repairs

Returning a leaded vehicle to the dealership with chips and scratches will result in you receiving a hefty bill for the repairs. We can fix these issues before you turn the vehicle in and save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Making Your Vehicle Look Factory New

Don't put off getting those scratches & chips repaired.  When we're done, you'll never know the damage happened! 

Recent Work

Check out some of our latest repair projects. Moore Colors can have your car looking this good in no time!

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